World Environment Day: A look back at our webinars!

World Environment Day: A look back at our webinars!

For World Environment Day, we were pleased to organize two internal webinars on major issues of the decade: energy and digital technology!

Informing, educating and training our employees on sustainable development issues are an integral part of our CSR approach.

We believe that the evolution of practices depends on access to clear and quality information. To this end, we regularly organize activities to introduce sustainable development topics to the company’s employees. These activities are accessible to both beginners and experts.

We are fortunate to have employees who are themselves aware of the challenges of sustainable development and who volunteer to lead webinars and workshops to share their knowledge and skills.

Webinar – Energy and Climate

Maxime Spiess, IT Tools Manager and environmental referee at Positive Thinking Company in Belgium, led a webinar on the theme of energy and climate, entitled “Energy & Climat Everything you need to know to understand the ins and outs of our greatest challenge”.

Through this webinar Maxime showed a complete picture of what is at stake when we talk about energy and climate change. This helped to differentiate relevant ideas from greenwashing. Thus, many interesting topics were discussed, such as: the carbon impact of human activities, electricity production, renewable energies and their limits, levers of action to limit global warming, …

Watch the entire webinar, presented in English, below:

Webinar – Digital and the Environment

Fiona Wende, Business Manager based in Switzerland, hosted a webinar entitled “TECH’CARE” explaining more precisely our digital impact on the environment and how to act at a human scale.

From the small daily gesture to the economic stakes of certain companies, Fiona presented eco-responsible initiatives in favor of ecology, full of good sense and oriented towards the future, which resonate around sustainable digital. Some tips were shared in order to act at our scale and reduce our impact.
Maxime Faye, IT Consultant at Positive Thinking Company Switzerland, also contributed his expertise on the subject. Certified GREEN IT, he is part of a collective of experts in responsible digital and digital sobriety.

Thanks to our speakers for these quality webinars and thanks to all our participants!

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