Appway – Canton of the Valais Bank

Appway – Canton of the Valais Bank

Company Description

​The client is a public limited company listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange. As a public-sector bank wholly owned by the State of Valais, the client benefited when it was set up from the guarantee on all of its liabilities furnished by its sole owner. The company provides a range of services as a universal bank and contributes towards the smooth development of the Valais’ economy within the limits of prudential rules and regulations in the banking industry.

Business Challenges

​While most of the existing processes are found to be time consuming and hard to follow up, the bank relies on this project to support its strategy to evolve in its digitalization context. The mains objectives are to get an early adoption of a new way of centralizing the processes through a single portal supporting the core tool of the bank and to demonstrate an ability to create and develop new processes efficiently and with a return on investment, cost, time or quality based.

Our solution

​Our team analyzes and implements several processes with Appway, a packaged solution enabling the development of scalable and reliable business applications. ​The team defines the needs along with BCVs in order to validate the use cases for each process and then leads the architecture design and the implementation of the solution. ​Each process is tested and delivered by the team on the different Appway environments. ​The team uses the Agile method with scrum master, development team and a product owner.


The project was launched in September 2016. However, the dDevelopment of new processes is still ongoing.


The project was carried out by a team made of:

Appway Team Appway :