OCR Evolution – European Airport

OCR Evolution – European Airport

​With 18.5 million passengers in 2019, including a high percentage of business travelers, this European Airport has a special place in the world air transport sector. It has an extensive network of 142 direct destinations, 23 of which are intercontinental.

Business Challenges

​In order to answer to regulation changes (EU 376 norm) and to improve the Occurrence Report (OCR) collection system, our client needed a new solution.

The previous one didn’t provide any OCR reporting for the Safety Office and wasn’t integrated with the rest of the IT environment.

Another important lack was the impossibility to broadcast the OCR in ECCAIRS format. ​The airport was searching for a solution to collect, follow and broadcast OCR and SIR (Safety Improvement Reports) automatically in several formats according to the new regulation norm.

Our Solution

​Building a new solution with custom components to improve efficiency. The system is fully integrated with BI tools such as SAP Webi and the existing SharePoint environment.

We also realized an auto-generation of Word and PDF reports and sent them automatically in order to meet a 48h treatment delay.

Using a full Agile methodology, required by the client, from contract to application support, we designed a modern architecture with AngularJS and .Net REST back-end API.


The project lasted 218 man days and we are now handling the support and maintenance.



We used ​modern Web architecture technologies: ​

Type de contrat

We were involved as part of a fixed price project and application maintenance support.