Web & mobile application development for an insurance company

Web & mobile application development for an insurance company

Key Challenges

Our client is an institution under public law mandated by the state to guarantee prevention, rescue and insurance against fire and natural elements.

Founded in 1811 by the will of the political authorities, the organization operates on the principle of mutuality. All residents and companies in its region are required to pay annual contributions and benefit from its services in terms of protection against damage due to the natural elements.

Our client is simultaneously in charge of the following three complementary safety missions:

In order to consolidate, provide and share the latest published documents on standards and regulations, our client wanted to provide a multi-channel application for internal use first and then for external use.
The approach was to provide indexed search and access to a large set of regularly updated documents for users via a web application and mobile applications for Android and iOS devices and Windows 10 App.

Our approach

Our team delivered a technical solution integrating weakly coupled tools interacting through APIs.

A SharePoint library hosting all the original documents is regularly updated by its administrator. Thanks to its API, a synchronization process examines, indexes and copies all the newly identified documents on an attached server. These files are immediately exposed to all interfaces through a REST API.

The web application made in .Net MVC exposes additional functionalities compared to the application for mobile devices built with Cordova for Android, iOS and Windows 10.


All these applications rely on the same API that exposes all services and provides the security policy as well as an underlying AD LDS service for the authentication mechanism.

The result is a simplicity of use with an increase in the number of documents to be published. This platform has therefore facilitated the work of our customers’ teams, while enabling users to have clear information in real time, regardless of the digital device used.

Technologies & Partners

Technologies used for this use case:
.Net Web API2, Cordova for Android, Ios and Windows 10, .NET MVC for the website, Sharepoint and Atlassian, GIT