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Security Governance

Define your security strategy

Governance // Risk // Compliance // Security Awareness // Assessments // Maturity Roadmap

Cyber threats are among the most likely risks for industry leaders. This means that you and your organization not only need to be aware of the challenges posed by potential cyber attacks, but also need to develop a real strategy to counter them. A solid security governance program creates accountability and oversight, allowing your organization to prioritize and mitigate risks while demonstrating to stakeholders that the appropriate controls are in place.
We help you coordinate your efforts in a comprehensive strategy that establishes and maintains the necessary security, stability and performance for your organization. To enhance your cyber resilience, we work alongside your teams to design a sound governance strategy program based on a risk analysis and maturity assessment drawing on benchmarked indicators. We provide you with a single monitoring tool that keeps you informed about the security of your assets at all times, map your cyber risks and align them with the indicators necessary for regulatory compliance, and assess your ability to cope with incidents.

Added-value: We give your organization a competitive advantage and move you ahead in the protection of your human, physical and digital assets. We accomplish this together through the implementation of an adapted framework, methodologies, roles and responsibilities, and tooling.

Security Governance Workshop

We help you define your goals and requirements using a pragmatic client-centric approach. On the basis of familiarization with your core business, we guide you through security roadmap design, estimate required effort and create a plan to improve your company's security posture.

CISO as a Service

Manage your information security challenges by drawing on a pool of experts and experienced cyber security practitioners. You can delegate parts or the entirety of the CISO role. This is a cost-effective service that assists you in defining, planning and executing a bespoke security strategy.

Change Management

We help you govern your transversal projects involving phased approaches where multiple versions of an application may coexist, and we control and plan the evolutions.

Security Game

We use new innovative technologies and learning techniques to maximise the potential takeaways from a short time frame.

Security Awareness Trainings

We adapt our security awareness training courses to your organization based on the past or potential threats to your employees. By offering engaging and up-to-date training content, we create an environment of awareness at the core of your corporate culture. Threat simulations give you insights into your weaknesses and allow for the creation of risk mitigation programs.

Risk Management Solution Implementation

Get rid of Excel sheets. Use up-to-date security frameworks to maintain governance and compliance. We implement solutions from select partners certified in governance, risk analysis and compliance.

Security Architecture

Lay your foundations

Identity Access Management // Endpoint Protection // Cloud Core Security // Zero Trust Network // Security by Design // Privacy by Default

IT environments are growing more complex and multifaceted, endpoints are proliferating by the day, large volumes of vulnerable applications are left unprotected, and unaware employees are giving opportunities to attackers. Whatever your organization’s industry, size and objectives, there are a few key components that you need to implement in your cybersecurity infrastructure.
Not sure where to start? Security inside and out should be based on these five pillars: application security, endpoint security, identity & access management (IAM), data security and people security. Your cyber resilience and long-term success depend on the sturdiness of these building blocks.
Since security is not just about technology, we support you in mitigating the risks posed by the weakest link in the security chain: the human factor. We combine real-time attack scenario simulations with immersive experiences and interactive feedback to boost information retention and foster behavioral changes at the root of your company’s culture.

Added-value: Your priorities and areas of focus are filtered depending on your risk tolerance and what needs to be done first.

Maturity Assessments

Using a pragmatic methodology in a timeboxed assessment, we analyze your security maturity and compare it to your competitors, identify improvements, and propose a plan to tackle your most critical risks first.

Security by Design & Privacy by Default

We help you achieve your security and privacy goals by providing end-to-end service. Experienced in the best security-by-design architecture and privacy-by-default approaches for GDPR, we help you find the right angle to tackle analysis, design and implementation challenges on premise and in your cloud applications.

Business Analysis

Take advantage of a large-scale overview to understand where you stand (as-is) in order to decide where you want to go (to-be). We review your requirements, discuss them and provide recommendations based on our knowledge of your business and our experience.

Analysis and Design

Our experts help you analyze, during the first phases of a program or during project sprints, your IGA gaps, zero-trust challenges or hybrid-cloud security decisions. They then work with you to design the perfect solution that fits your requirements and create a roadmap to achieve them.

Solution Implementation and Integration

Making accurate selections from among our partners, we implement the best solutions using our trained and certified experts. They have experience in solution functionalities, project methodologies and the environment for integration with the solution.

Knowledge Transfer

Either through training sessions or longer periods of working together closely, we help your IT system engineers manage your solutions and drive adoption by end users.

Support Service

Maintain and manage the evolution of your solutions, including bug fixes, with an annual subscription. We provide a service desk that is available on all business days and is aware of your projects and challenges.

Subscription and Licensing

We provide service subscriptions or product licencing depending on the options available through our partners. Using our services allows you to take advantage of preferred prices and solution expertise.

Security Intelligence

Know the security risks you’re facing

Managed Detection & Response // Security Event Monitoring // Penetration Testing // Vulnerability Management // Business Continuity Plan// Disaster Recovery Plan

Your business lives online. Company financials, employee records, customer transactions and information from multiple sources are stored on premise or in the cloud and are all targets for hackers. With the expansion of your attack surface and the growing sophistication of cyber attacks fuelled by smart technologies, security intelligence is indispensable for safeguarding your reputation, financial health, and overall corporate value.
Our managed security services include real-time event monitoring and network scanning with cutting-edge SIEM and vulnerability management solutions. This combination allows us to understand, identify and act fast to mitigate risks before they become exploitable breaches. We provide continuous monitoring and regularly report to your security analysts and management teams, providing actionable insights and recommendations so you can set the right priorities.
In parallel, our certified experts follow proven methodologies to inspect your organization from every angle (web applications, network, client-end, API), thus ensuring that all your information remains secure.

Added-value: The security resilience of your environments is tested, followed by reports to your key stakeholders. In case vulnerabilities are identified, we give you the support you need to quickly respond and remedy the problems.

Network Penetration Testing

We simulate the possibilities of external attackers trying to abuse or intrude into your network. We lay bare any vulnerabilities or security misconfigurations that could have a detrimental impact on the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of your infrastructure. We deliver these results in a comprehensive report and hold a meeting to give you a clear understanding of what they entail.

Application Penetration Testing

We simulate the possibilities of external attackers trying to abuse or intrude into your web application within a predefined scope. The objective is to lay bare any vulnerabilities or security misconfigurations that could have a detrimental impact on the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of your solution. We deliver these results in a comprehensive report and hold a meeting to give you a clear understanding of what they entail.

Managed Security Event Monitoring

We provide you with an industry leading SIEM solution and a team of experts to monitor in real-time all of your IT infrastructure. We collect, analyze, and correlate information from your networks and devices and identify malicious activities that could put your organization at risk. With full visibility over your network activity, we can act quickly to mitigate attacks and initiate an advanced remediation plan.

Phishing Campaigns

We propose multiple scenarios based on your requirements and our experience, then prepare the campaign after validating it with your security teams. Following the campaign, usually scattered over a period of three to five days, we generate a detailed report outlining the dangers that need to be neutralized through security awareness training programs for your employees.

Cyber Defense

Respond to threats proactively

Data Loss Prevention // Data Protection // Managed Detection & Response // Incident Response // User & Entity Behavior Analytics

Due to the increasing complexity of your organization’s evolving technology landscape, the risk that cyber attackers may slip through the cracks and bypass your perimeter defenses increases tremendously. Web gateways, firewalls, and intrusion prevention tools on the external perimeter are no longer enough in times of persistent advanced threats. While these preventive measures are necessary, they need to be reinforced with a proactive cyber defense strategy and strict untrusting architecture models.
A proactive strategy allows you to efficiently mitigate both insider and outsider threats to prevent potential leaks of confidential or sensitive data.
Our managed detection and response services alleviate your security teams from data overload and help your organization respond more quickly and effectively to holes in its environments. Supported by best-of-breed tools, our experts can catch abnormalities and mitigate and respond to data breaches with proactive monitoring and continuous threat detection, in addition to advanced automation and behavioral analytics.
Going a step further than GDPR compliance, our security teams also implement, manage, and optimize privacy-by-design mechanisms to embed data protection at the heart of your technology and business processes.

Added-value: We take away the burden of day-to-day security event management by providing resources, tools and certified experts to successfully detect threats in your environment and stop them.

Managed Detection & Response

We provide you with an industry-leading SIEM solution and a team of experts to monitor in real-time all of your IT infrastructure. We collect, analyze, and correlate information from your networks and devices and identify malicious activities that put your organization at risk. With full visibility over your network activity, we can act quickly to mitigate attacks and initiate an advanced remediation plan.

Secured Hybrid Cloud Engineering

AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform offer new opportunities but also new challenges in terms of security. We help you implement your hybrid cloud infrastructure with the best security practices and ensure that you avoid the new security threats that these platforms bring.

Applied Security

Protect your tech stack

DevSecOps // RPA Security // IoT Security // Cloud Security // Application Security

Your cyber landscape is constantly changing. Technological advancements and the rapid adoption of cloud computing, robotics automation, IoT, and artificial intelligence are catalysts for innovation, but they also introduce a greater level of cyber security risk into your organization. Driven to remain relevant in increasingly competitive environments, companies sometimes rush to modernize their systems and operations while overlooking security issues. This can introduce multiple vulnerabilities across the business and calls for an extra layer of defence.
As critical partners for your organization’s digital strategy, we make sure that you get the advantages of these technologies while avoiding the security pitfalls they entail. We accomplish this by implementing at the foundations an appropriate design, a data protection management framework, and an effective governance model. We offer services for the entire lifecycle, from ideation and creation, to implementation, monitoring and testing.

Added-value:We identify your vulnerabilities, demonstrate potential vectors of attack, and deliver a targeted remediation roadmap with remote and on-site support so you can ultimately improve the security posture of your technology stack.

DevSecOps Implementation

We train your technical teams in DevSecOps practices and methodologies, including automatic security testing, continuous security monitoring, threat investigation and vulnerability management in order to fully integrate security in your software development lifecycle and enable end-to-end security within your development pipeline.

Security Audits for DevOps

We assess your existing DevOps and security maturity levels and tools, create a step-by-step roadmap adapted to your landscape and processes, execute a strategy, and then train your employees, giving them a set of guidelines and defined routines.

Hybrid Cloud Security Design

With our knowledge and expertise in on-premise integration and architecture as well as in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, we help you design your hybrid architecture using a pragmatic approach and decide what data and applications should be migrated to the cloud to take advantage of its flexibility, cost-savings and elasticity.

RPA Configuration Assessment

Using our cross-expertise in security and robotic process automation, we review your RPA infrastructure, architecture and configuration with a focus on security.

RPA Integration Security Assessment

Robots have the same amount of access rights, if not more, than people. The more they are integrated, the more they pose a risk to your organisation. We deliver an integration assessment of your robotic process automation solution that helps you assess its security level and propose a roadmap to enhance it.

IoT Penetration Testing

We offer a tailor-made action plan corresponding to your specific profile. We start by identifying the connected objects you use as well as their respective protocols. We then expose all the potential ways for a hacker to use them as vectors of attack. Finally, we work together to develop an appropriate method for resolution and correction.

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