Neuroventis modernizes its mobile app (Helpilepsy) cloud infrastructure and gains competitive edge

Neuroventis modernizes its mobile app (Helpilepsy) cloud infrastructure and gains competitive edge

Founded in 2017, Neuroventis’ mission is to accelerate the advent of personalized healthcare and empower individuals through digital technologies.

With a focus on neurological disorders, Neuroventis developed and distributed the platform of the same name, used and loved by hundreds of people with epilepsy and migraine and their medical specialists.

Helpilepsy is the digital health assistant dedicated to patients diagnosed with epilepsy and their neurologists. This mobile app tracks seizure, medication, side effects and other parameters, and monitors patients’ inputs through beautifully visualized web dashboards. This clever way of managing the disease brings more autonomy and a better quality of life to the patient.

Currently patients and doctors use Helpilepsy in five countries (Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany and Hungary) with greater expansion on the horizon.

Key challenges

Catalyst and prerequisite to further growth was the compliance to the ISO 13485 certification, the medical device industry’s most widely used international standard for quality management. Neuroventis, like other medical software companies, had to secure this certification and called in Positive Thinking Company to help them do so.

Prior to our intervention, Neuroventis’ engineers had set up the Helpilepsy app in the Cloud. However, with no internal technical cloud skills and knowledge, the resulting infrastructure was slow and inefficient.

Our approach

The Positive Thinking Company’s Cloud experts jumped in to redesign the current Cloud infrastructure from scratch, make it secure and ultimately lead Neuroventis towards the obtention of ISO 13485 certification. To meet these goals our teams:

Helpilepsy Cloud Architecture AWS Healthcare
Helpilepsy Cloud Architecture AWS Healthcare


The completion of this project resulted in a number of benefits, starting with the technical ones:

On the business side, we successfully:

With Positive Thinking Company’s help, the Helpilepsy app was made fully compliant to the ISO 13485 standard. This allowed Neuroventis to:

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