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Improve your employees experience with a suitable digital workplace.


Office 365

Increase flexibility, collaboration and efficiency with Office 365

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Microsoft Office 365 is crucial to workforce efficiency. It increases involvement among employees and across teams, facilitating communication and getting work done. A connected ecosystem that offers superior user experience boosts collaboration and is conducive to sharing business insights. Rich forms of multi-media engagement enable your business to reach new heights of productivity and innovation. Whether on your computer, smartphone or tablet, Microsoft Office 365 allows you to save your work online and pick it up on another device.
Microsoft regularly deploys new features and successful governance and deployment of the platform requires a variety of skills, including information governance, UX, Office 365 specialists (SharePoint Online, Teams, PowerApps, Flow, etc.) and Azure.
Our experts provide you with their experience in defining and implementing intranet portals and associated collaboration tools in order to create cutting-edge employee experiences focused on increasing productivity.

Added value: We help you to design your personal Office 365 collaborative tool set based on your business needs and collaboration requirements. This tailor-made digital-workplace allows your employees to be more productive by working as a team wherever they are with all the necessary tools and applications.

Office 365 Consulting

Once you’ve decided to begin your digital workplace journey, our experts tailor your Office 365 solution to your specific corporate environment, industry requirements and employee preferences. We handle customizations and we develop tailor-made features, including complex workflows, intranet, digital environment and useful functionalities for individual employees. We provide both advisory and technical assistance depending on your business needs.

Office 365 Implementation

We help you select a customized Office 365 subscription plan aligned with your budget, IT strategy and collaboration scope. We implement the selected Office 365 toolset following Microsoft’s requirements and configure your cloud solution to ensure efficient management and use.

Office 365 Migration

Our experts plan and carry out migration of your on-premise, cloud or hybrid solutions to Office 365. We map out your existing systems to determine how your data can be moved with minimal downtime and data loss. We then take steps to ensure that the migration process has zero impact current functions and user ability to access applications.

Office 365 Integration

We integrate the Office 365 suite with existing solutions and tools to ensure transparent and continuous collaboration. Our experts handle Office 365 integration and facilitate the transition for users between different systems.

Office 365 Support & Maintenance

We offer flexible support options including updates, the implementation of the latest Office 365 features, extending your solution with custom functionalities and resolving all potential issues. To ensure that the new tools are optimally utilized and managed and to prevent any potential difficulties, we provide dedicated training sessions for Office 365 administrators, developers and end users.

Licenses and Managed services

As an official Microsoft partner, we resell Office 365 licenses. We also provide additional services, such as taking over the administration of your Office 365 ecosystem to ensure availability, security and performance stability.

Sharepoint Center of Excellence

Many years of being focused on SharePoint have helped us develop unique methodologies specific to this platform, enabling us to offer quick turnaround and rapid implementation. Our center of excellence delivers turnkey solutions based on customers requirements.

Targeted Consulting

The rapid evolution of technologies and the complexity of Office 365 projects require advanced skills. Relieve your IT teams and minimize the tasks involved in the recruitment process by opting for targeted consulting. We identify your needs to provide you with the best specialists for your situation.


Give your digital workplace a boost with chatbots

chatbots // conversational agents // robots

Chatbots are the perfect addition to your digital workplace! These virtual assistants simulate and process human conversation (written or spoken), enabling people to interact with digital devices as if they were communicating with a real person. Chatbots can assist employees in finding the information they need, acting as a useful interface. They can also perform simple transactions and manage meetings, among other things.
Our experts will support you in each step of your chatbot deployment strategy. This begins with identifying the right uses cases and introducing a pilot phase and grows from there.

Added-value: Our end-to-end approach in your chatbot journey offers relevant assistance and generate real value for your users. Their implementation enable you to significantly and efficiently enhance your digital workplace. Your customers and employees benefit from real-time support that greatly improves their experience and satisfaction.

Analysis and Design Workshops

During workshop sessions we begin a conversation with your stakeholders to define the functions of the chatbot, its limitations, and the tonality of communication, as well as personas. On this basis, we can design a custom robot with a personality adapted to your clients, your employees and your business.

Development, Implementation and Testing

We can develop chatbots for all current messenger platforms or for your existing systems. We offer you a fully-fledged bot backend that allows you to manage, adapt and evolve your bot. Before deployment, we make sure that it works properly with a rigorous testing phase.

Hosting & Operations

In the cloud, on premise, or on a dedicated server in our data center, we can manage and host your applications and your robots. We offer chatbots in the form of comprehensive, turnkey solutions, handling all updates, security and backup operations.

Targeted Consulting

The rapid evolution of technologies and the complexity of chatbot projects require advanced skills. Relieve your IT teams and minimize the tasks involved in the recruitment process by opting for targeted consulting. We identify your needs to provide you with the best specialists for your situation.

Support and Maintenance

We manage the lifecycle of your chatbot and guarantee its evolution in accordance with your company’s development, including new offers, services and expectations. Our teams anticipate the chatbot lifecycle, ensuring that your virtual assistant will always meet your expectations and effectively support you to meet your challenges.

Information Governance

Get the right information to the right people

Information Governance // Compliance // GDPR // RGPD // e-discovery

On the one hand, the volume of information is growing exponentially and comes in the most diverse formats, including file systems, emails, paper documents, blogs, and user interactions. On the other hand, this information represents one of the most important assets for organizations in today’s world. In order to get the most from data and ensure it is used effectively, it is necessary to analyze, and categorize, as well as set up the processes, policies, standards and metrics that will help organizations achieve their goals. With regulations and compliance requirements regularly changing, keeping your governance policies effective can be a strain on your internal resources.
Our experts address your information needs and assist you in defining your information strategy and governance framework, aiming to generate value, reduce risk, enhance compliance, boost efficiency and drive down information management costs.

Added-value: By working with you to create a customized information governance policy, we enable you to provide your employees with data they can trust and easily access to facilitate decision making.

Information Governance Strategy

Our experts work with you to define an effective strategy to transform your digital workplace through the introduction of best practices for information governance. Our teams will analyze the situation to understand your specificities and existing policies. Results are delivered in the form of comprehensive reports including the documents matrix and the process mapping of your organization. On the basis of these results, we propose a customized action plan to improve the way information is managed, shared and stored in your digital workplace, keeping in mind your business objectives, including operational efficiency, compliance or risk management.

Migration to Cloud Applications, including Office 365

For many organizations, porting data and information from on-premise legacy systems to new cloud applications like Office 365 is a central challenge. Our experts ensure smooth migrations without disruptions to your business with data security and retention policies.

Information Governance Implementation Projects

Information governance analysis often leads to implementation projects. These may include capture of a paper flow, integration of new business/compliance rules into the documents management system, and deployment of an e-discovery solution. Our technical experts offer assistance for these projects and deliver appropriate solutions.

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