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Data & analytics strategy

Define a data and analytics strategy that generates business value for you

Data Strategy // Analytics Strategy // Analytics Roadmap // Data Science & AI Strategy

Today data is at the heart of every contemporary organization’s strategy to improve decision making, create a better customer experience and gain competitive advantage.
The first step in becoming a truly data-driven organization, where every decision is based on data, is to define your data & analytics strategy. This is crucial to ensure that you lay the right foundations for all future activities and has an effect on central decisions regarding the appropriate way to identify relevant use cases and prioritize them, as well as the most efficient way to implement data initiatives.
Keeping all this in mind, we have developed an approach that supports you in the definition of your data, analytics, data science and AI strategies. We will work with you to develop a clear vision to unlock your data potential.

Added value: implementable strategy for a clear vision and tailor-made roadmap containing the steps required to operationalize your strategy.

Data-driven Consulting & Strategy

Our experts support you in defining your data and analytics strategy, considering all the different building blocks of a data-driven organization and your unique ecosystem. Working closely with you, we draw up a roadmap with the aim of closing the gap between high-level digitization strategy and daily operations.

Use Case Identification

Identifying the right use cases is the cornerstone of successful data projects. Considering the data available, its quality and your organizational context, we help you identify concrete use cases. Using workshops over just a few days, we will determine together where you need to focus your efforts.

Data-Related Maturity Assessment

Data-related fields such as AI, data science and analytics have become critical for organizations. Their level of maturity can be greatly increased by taking into account all relevant areas of action (e.g. process design and technical infrastructure). We work together to assess your data-related maturity level and we provide concrete recommendations.

Data-Related Awareness

We live in a world where new technologies and concepts emerge every day. It can be difficult for organizations to keep up due to lack of time and resources. We offer workshops that help you understand new innovations, match these with your business goals, and focus your strategic efforts.

Change Management Support

The definition and implementation of a data-driven strategy will have a significant impact on your organization. We are here to help you assess and manage this change, by taking into account how it will impact existing operations, people and processes.

Data engineering

Build the right data platform to deliver results and models in production

Data Platforms // Data Governance // Data Integration // Cloud Analytics // Data Warehouse // Big Data // Data Lake // ETL // Streaming Analytics

In recent years, the volume and diversity of data being processed on a daily basis has massively increased. In order to make sure that the right users are able to exploit the right data, it needs to be efficiently stored, governed and distributed.
A data platform tailored to your needs is the technical foundation for your analytics and data science activities, making it possible to give the right data to the right users at the right times. This infrastructure must meet your users’ operational needs and provide high-quality and understandable data.
We combine our data engineering expertise with best-in-class tools and technologies to build your data warehouse or data lake according to your roadmap, facilitate operations either on premise or in the cloud depending on your (IT) strategy, and increase agility through the easy provision of sandboxes and data to analysts and data scientists.

Added-value: We use our experience and best practices to help you efficiently collect, store, govern and distribute data within your company and create value.

Data Engineering Training

With tailor-training sessions, we give your teams mastery over your data platform and all related processes and tasks. Sharing knowledge and best practices empowers your teams to successfully manage key data engineering tasks, such as ETL, cloud engineering and data warehousing.

Data Governance Training and Coaching

Through training and coaching, we give you the skills to autonomously manage your data governance initiative. We teach you how to use data catalog, data lineage and data quality tools and make sure to transfer the right skills to your operational teams.

Data Governance Methodology Implementation

We have developed a methodology to assess a company's ability to define, manage, and use their data in accordance with the data strategy. This paves the way to implement the data governance operating model that will allow you to effectively govern your data.

Targeted Consulting

The rapid evolution of technology and the complexity of data engineering projects require advanced skills. Relieve your team and minimize the tasks involved in the recruitment process by opting for external resources. We identify your needs in order to provide you with the best specialists to achieve your goals.

Data Platform Architecture

Our teams analyze your goals and specificities to establish your requirements. Based on this, we design the technical and functional architecture that best suits your organization. We also recommend the tools, technologies and best practices you need to implement in order to create your data platform, no matter whether this involves a data warehouse, data lake, or a combination of both.

Technology Integration and Tools Licensing

Our certified teams ensure the integration and deployment of the cutting edge technologies that best suit your requirements. Thanks to our partnerships with leading vendors such as SAS and IBM, we can also take care of the licensing and provide any necessary associated services.

Data Platform Implementation

Based on the functional and technical architecture that you have validated, as well as on the technical choices you have made, our teams take care of the implementation of your data platform. You can rest assured that best practices will be utilized to ensure the success of your implementation.

Data Platform Maintenance and Support

In order to guarantee the reliability of your data platform, we offer a range of support and maintenance options. Among other services, we ensure that software is updated, resolve potential issues and extend your solution with customized functionalities. If needed we have support centers worldwide for 24/7 availability.

Data Platform Migration

Whether you want to modernize your data platform or move from an on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, your data migration needs to be taken seriously. We support you with best practices and tools to ensure that your data, workflows and all related processes are migrated successfully. 

Analytics & BI

Make better decisions every day with innovative analytics

Diagnostic and Descriptive Analytics // Modern Business Intelligence // Reporting and Dashboarding // Self-service Analytics // Data Preparation // Data Visualization // Data Storytelling

To make impactful decisions in today’s world, the experience of your teams is no longer sufficient. Data is the key to understanding the past which leads to insights that will guide your future decisions. A competitive advantage can only be achieved with the right combination of experience and data analytics.

With analytics, business users are no longer limited to preconfigured, static reports. They are now able to discover, understand and analyze data flexibly in each business context. In addition, data storytelling capabilities make results understandable for everyone. Your decision makers can identify insights at a glance and instantly take actions.

We leverage our experience and knowledge in practical analytics to offer self-service analytics that empower your business users with analytics capabilities and modern business intelligence for defining your own business rules, better understanding your business and making better decisions.

Added-value: Make data the pillar of your decision making processes by equipping your teams with methods and best practices for accessing, preparing, visualizing and analyzing data. We go even further, leading the way into the future of advanced data analytics for business users by implementing cutting-edge concepts such as citizen data science.

Data Vizualisation Consulting

Data visualization gives you a better understanding of data and a more impactful representation of your analyses. We can help you create data visualizations and dashboards according to your needs, optimize your existing ones and support your teams in the adoption of this new capability. We also provide you with our data storytelling expertise which makes sense of your data through storytelling scenarios to answer your most complex questions.

Self-service Analytics Skills Transfer

We offer tailor-made training programs to introduce data analytics tools and techniques. From using the major tools, such as Tableau, Alteryx or Power BI, to mastering the design of data preparation automation workflows, our experts provide your teams with the support and training they need.

Analytics Project Management

Our teams take care of the project management of your analytics solution, including requirements engineering, selection of the relevant project management method (such as agile or waterfall), realization and more. You can rest assured that our teams will use the best existing methodologies and practices to make your project a success.

Technology Integration and Tools Licensing

Our certified teams ensure the integration and deployment of the cutting edge technologies that best suit your requirements. Thanks to our partnerships with leading vendors such as SAS and IBM, we can also take care of the licensing and provide any necessary associated services.

Targeted Consulting

The rapid evolution of technologies and the complexity of analytics projects demand advanced skills. Relieve your team and minimize the tasks involved in the recruitment process by opting for external resources. We identify your needs and provide the best analytics specialists who have deep functional knowledge of your business and industry.

Data Preparation Consulting

Our teams of experts support you in optimizing your data preparation workflows, from improving task automation to publishing data. We use our expertise to boost the performance of your analytics activities.

Citizen Data Science Training

Analytics technology has evolved to the point where advanced analytics has become accessible to business users. We offer tailor-made training programs to help your business users understand and use these advanced data analytics capabilities and get the most out of them. Our data scientists are involved in the creation of our training courses, ensuring the relevance of your next analyses.

Data Science & AI

Unlock the power of data science & AI and anticipate the future

Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics // Text Analysis and NLP // Image and Audio Analytics // Machine/Deep Learning // ML Engineering

To remain competitive, companies need to anticipate the future. There are plenty of complex predictive and prescriptive analytics techniques for identifying new trends and patterns from data, predicting future developments, and performing simulations and optimizations. The knowledge you gain from this enables you, for example, to generate a more profitable business by determining the right prices for your offers, predicting your customers behavior, and saving costs through improved processes efficiency. The use of advanced analytics technologies will decide whether you stay ahead or lag behind your competition.

In the past, techniques for handling and analysing complex and voluminous data in business environments were only available to high-end research projects and technological elites. Today, however, these techniques are in your reach and can help you to analyze structured and unstructured data (e.g. from images, video, or audio files), to develop models using machine learning methods and artificial intelligence techniques, and to successfully operationalize these models for your business applications.
Based on the use cases and the roadmap we define, our experts for data science and AI offer support in the following areas:

  • identifying and choosing the right machine learning and deep learning technologies and techniques (according to your use cases)
  • taking care of model development (with machine learning and deep learning techniques)
  • operationalizing these models using innovative approaches like MLOps

Added-value: We empower your teams with the right advanced analytics technologies, defined according to your objectives (such as cost savings, increased sales and better customer understanding). In this way we ensure that your business is optimized for the future.

Use Case Implementation

If you have already decided which use cases you want to implement, our experts are happy to assist you. Whether you want to develop a proof of concept, test use cases in a small but realistic scope, or operationalize, we are able to support you throughout the entire process and provide your teams with the necessary know-how.

Data Science and AI Implementation

We design, develop, implement and operationalise data science and AI applications based on your company's strategy – or we empower your own data scientists to do so. Our certified experts support you in performing advanced analyses, such as text mining and image and audio analysis. We also bring our many years of cross-industry expertise to the implementation of data science and AI use cases, including dynamic pricing, explainable AI, churn prevention, fraud detection. This is how we generate added value for your company from data.

Targeted Consulting

The rapid evolution of technology and the complexity of data science and AI projects require advanced skills. Relieve your team and minimize the tasks involved in the recruitment process by opting for external resources. We identify your needs in order to provide you with the best specialists to achieve your goals.

Data Science Platform Implementation and Tools Licensing

Based on the requirements determined by our certified teams, we design the architecture for the data science platform that best suits your organization. We also recommend tools, technologies and best practices and ensure their integration and deployment. Thanks to our partnerships with leading companies such as SAS and Dataiku we are able to take care of your licensing needs and provide any additional required services.


Techniques, tools, technologies, and programming languages are rapidly developing in the fields of data science and AI. To make sure that the required expertise is integrated into your organization, we offer customised training courses that ensure knowledge transfer across your teams and within a project. We offer training for technologies and techniques, such as machine learning and deep learning, but also for organisational issues, such as embedding data science in a company or building a data science team.

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