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Cloud Strategy

Generate sky high business value with the cloud

Hybrid Cloud Strategy // Cloud Readiness // Multi Cloud Strategy // Cloud-First // Cloud Adoption Maturity

According to research (Cloud Adoption Report, Mc Afee 2019), companies using the cloud grow 19.3% faster than their competitors. In reality, simply moving your workload to the cloud does not instantly increase your value in the market. The first step to any cloud journey is defining the business objectives driving cloud service adoption. Whether you are already using or just exploring cloud technologies, you need to have a formal strategy in place to accelerate successful outcomes for your business and improve your ability to evolve.

We will lead your business leaders and IT Teams into defining your company’s cloud strategy in a way that is in line with your corporate objectives.

Our experts will build your strategy considering your unique needs as well as the risks and opportunities specific to your business. Your Cloud strategy program involves three deliverables:

  • A Readiness Assessment
  • A Strategy Document
  • A Roadmap suited to your project (migration, application rebuilding, Saasification)

Added value: A comprehensive cloud strategy is not only the central piece of your migration process, it also provides a roadmap for future decisions. Having a firm cloud strategy in place will make it easier for your company to react efficiently to changing circumstances and support your organization’s business strategy.

Readiness Assessment

Cloud projects can be complex and disorganized. Our experts will assess your current IT & cloud applications and then map them to the appropriate IaaS, PaaS & SaaS solutions, ensuring a smooth and progressive transition that is in line with your unique goals and business requirements.

Strategy Document

Following the Readiness Assessment, our teams will deliver a strategy document. Critical element of your transformation process, it will serve to align your different departments, describe the goals of the migration, timeframes, technical strategy, milestones, roles & responsibilities, and expected results and benefits.

Migration Roadmap

Together with your IT department, we will help you define the “what”, “when”, “why” and “how” of your migration project. By choosing which applications and workloads will benefit from being moved, building business cases, defining technical approaches, integration model and security requirements, we will formulate a robust roadmap to guide the successful migration of your applications to the cloud.


Our extension experience in migration has allowed our experts to develop a set of methodologies, best practices and tools to carry out your cloud transitions in a smooth, fast, and cost-effective way.

Maturity Check

Our experts have developed the Cloud Maturity Check to assess the durability of your environment, focusing on architecture, governance, security, availability and business continuity. Following a series of workshops and configuration reviews, we will provide you with an Assessment Report and help you define your next steps via a blueprint of the proposed architecture.

Cloud Security

Keep control and visibility to grow your business with confidence

DevSecOps // Cloud Identity // Cloud Data // Cloud Compliance // Cloud Monitoring

Attracted by the endless possibilities the cloud offers in addition to the expectation of benefitting from environments that are both flexible and cost-effective, your organization may have already begun its transition. It is likely that you now have multiple cloud solutions, hybrid environments and such a complex ecosystem that you have lost control over your security level. With the introduction of these technologies comes a whole new set of risks and security challenges.

To alleviate these concerns, we take a proactive approach to your cloud security. Rather than chasing down threats after they make themselves known, our experts will implement complete backup automation solutions with integrated disaster recovery, implement multi-factor authentication, control accesses and encrypt your data. To ensure that you are properly protected against vulnerabilities, our teams conduct cloud security strategy assessments. They will identify gaps and add steps in your cloud journey roadmap to help you reach your desired security position.

Moreover, we will work with your IT teams to further strengthen your cloud environments and integrate security at all stages of the process chain by including DevSecOps best practices.

Added value: With the proper holistic security strategy in place, you will keep control over your critical assets and visibility over your threat landscape, and you will have the ability to respond to and recover from disruptions no matter where you are in your cloud journey.

Security Assessments

We will map your architecture, review your configurations, assess your compliance with security norms and generate a gap analysis. Our experts will then provide a detailed process to enforce the correct security controls and build improvements across your digital environment in a secure and cost-effective way.

DevSecOps Training

We will train your technical teams on DevSecOps practices and methodologies, including automatic security testing, continuous security monitoring, threat investigation and vulnerability management in order to fully integrate security into your software development lifecycle and enable end-to-end security within your development pipeline.


DevSecOps, generally speaking, is a cultural mind shift that impacts the way your security, development and operations teams’ work. Automate and integrate the process of software delivery to increase efficiency and tear down the “siloed” way of working. This involves topics such as Infrastructure as Code, Platform as Code, Containerization, Security, Monitoring, Alerting, Scalability and Business Continuity, etc.

Security Monitoring & Governance

Your cloud requires full visibility and control over security and compliance issues as well as detection capabilities regarding misconfigurations, sensitive data movements, unauthorized activities and privilege access misuses. Our teams will integrate cutting-edge security monitoring tools into your cloud environments and provide resources around the clock to manage and monitor your cloud infrastructures and applications.


Take control over your cloud without losing speed and agility

Cloud Governance // Cloud Optimization // Cloud Service Model // Business Continuity // Standardization

Like any other business investment, your cloud must be governed. Agility, flexibility, faster deployment and cost optimization require governance considerations to ensure that the full benefits are reached.

Crucial for your cloud effectiveness, governance is a framework that not only covers cost optimization but also roles and responsibilities, resiliency as well as security and compliance issues. The set of policies ruling this framework, although necessary, can cause slowdowns. Traditional engineers sit between your development and operations teams and often act as roadblocks for every action that needs to be taken, hence decreasing the overall benefits of the cloud, such as speed and a quick time to market. With the pace of change and the growth of your cloud environments, it is critical that you develop a strong governance strategy.

Our teams will put controls and policies in place for:

  • Cost optimization
  • Resiliency
  • Security
  • Compliance

All of these while giving freedom to your development and operations teams to move forward independently. By leveraging automation, standard components and governance tools available in your environments, our Cloud Custodian Team can analyze, plan and deploy management policies and controls at scale.

Added value: An effective governance process ensures that you receive the agility, speed and cost-saving benefits promised by the cloud. Placing automation at the core of this process results in a streamlined access for users, and rules that will automatically establish, verify, and enforce budget and policy compliance.


Automation and policies link to every aspect of your cloud, including IAM, security policies, cost optimization and control, object tagging and configuration standardization. Our experts will guide you through the process and will manage elements you have never even thought about upfront.

Platform Management

We will orchestrate your cloud in a standardized way to ensure the smooth deployment of your existing and new applications. We will set and define a wide range of principles upfront, such as monitoring, backup, business continuity, scalability, performance, security, access and remote management, etc.

Cloud Architecture

Create the blueprint for business success, change and growth

Hybrid Cloud // Multi Cloud // Cloud Resiliency // Business Continuity

The ongoing explosion in remote working has emphasized the fact that the right cloud architecture model can transform your business capabilities and can help you gain a competitive edge in the market. In our always-connected world, your employees and clients expect the best possible experience from your apps and services, including a high-level availability, performance and security.

Based on years of extensive experience, our architects apply their best practices, fine-tuned around your business to define your cloud architecture blueprints. As a second step, they will also help you design a comprehensive technical strategy and architectural roadmap to successfully transition your organization to a multi or hybrid cloud model.

Added value: A strong architecture that takes into account your business and applications future needs will lead to a more efficient and cost-effective infrastructure. Smart and foresighted design decisions are the key to the achievement of your business-critical objectives such as cost reduction, business continuity, data security, compliance, availability, and durability.

Cloud Operating Model Definition and Design

For your organization to secure the full benefits of the cloud, your entire infrastructure and all your applications management processes must be redesigned. Once the strategy has been defined, we will help you evolve or build an operating model that delivers cost effective, reliable and secure solutions to accelerate your business outcomes and deliver value through your cloud. During this process we identify roles and responsibilities and approval flows in the lifecycle of your applications.

App SaaS-ification

You have decided to join the Saas movement? We will help plan and execute your move to a SaaS delivery model by migrating your products quickly and effectively. Built on best practices, tools and the experience of our experts, we will provide a clear roadmap addressing business goals and technical requirements so you can truly transform your business by leveraging the cloud.

Cloud Foundations

We will set your cloud foundations involving IAM, Security, Visibility, Governance, Monitoring, Auditing and Standardization so your new apps can be deployed in a fast, secure and cost-effective way.

Cloud Management

Worry-free cloud transformation and business innovation

Cloud Performance Monitoring // Infrastructure as code // Cloud Automation // Cost Management // Security Automation // Compliance Automation // Backup // Alerting // Business Continuity

As the core component of your business network and application strategy, your cloud must continuously and without fail meet the expectations of your end users. The increased connectivity of the latter puts a heavy strain on your IT department to run your apps smoothly, quickly, securely and without interruptions.

On top of this, the low deployment costs associated with cloud services have led organizations to deploy more and more applications into the cloud. The disparate ecosystem of applications that results is making it complex to achieve complete visibility and control. Cloud management is therefore crucial for you to optimize and secure your applications, manage compliance and prevent data breaches and cyber attacks. With a combination of knowledge and cutting-edge software products, our qualified experts will provide a cohesive management strategy and process for your organization. We will manage:

  • Monitoring
  • OS Patching
  • Backup
  • Reporting (via PTC My Cloud)

Added value: An effective management of your multi-cloud environments will help your organization get a comprehensive view of its IT assets, minimize the risk of data loss, track costs, optimize cloud resources and, in turn, improve your cloud ROI.

Application Performance Monitoring

Most of your customers, users and employees won't tell you if an application is not working; they just stop using it. Application Performance Monitoring will provide you with knowledge of what to do to keep all users on board and prevent churn.

Cost Optimization

Cutting down on costs is one of the main benefits of moving to the cloud. Through "PTC-My-Cloud" portal, you can continuously monitor your spendings, access consumption reporting and billing. Object tagging will allow you to associate every cost to the teams owning the items, therefore giving you insights on who and what consumes the most and helping you to control where your euros are spent.

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