Monitoring the marketing performance and ROI of digital campaigns

Monitoring the marketing performance and ROI of digital campaigns

Key Challenges

Our client is a French automotive manufacturer, leader on the European market.

He wanted to consolidate his marketing budgets by country, across all channels, with the website traffic data (per country, per vehicle…) and the customer’s engagement on the car model configurators. The objective is to estimate the return on investment of all its Marketing campaigns through a reliable and automated dashboard, updated automatically.

Until now, these actions were managed in Excel via manual queries (in VBA), which proved to be unreliable and complicated to maintain. It was estimated that a minimum of two working days per month was needed to achieve the expected reporting.

Our approach

In order to meet our client’s requirements, we proposed a self-service analytics approach combining Tableau and Alteryx tools. Once the approach and tools were validated, we integrated the Alteryx solution and created a workflow that connects to flat files (marketing budgets) and marketing tools such as Google Analytics. The objective was to be able to execute the necessary queries instantly, which represented seventy queries (corresponding to each of the countries and vehicles to be analyzed). With this new Alteryx workflow, only one query is now required, and the consolidation of the data and budgets is done automatically.

For the reporting part, we have set up a single output file, on Tableau, in which we have created a visualization matching the users’ needs (similar to their old Excel files). Thanks to the self-service approach, this visualization is also dynamic (the update is automatic) and business users can easily perform new analyses if their needs evolve.

We then deployed the solution in all the countries of the group so that each of the country marketing managers could have a clear view of their performance at their own level.


Technologies & Partners

Technologies used for this use case: Alteryx and Tableau