Compliance digitalization with Appway

Compliance digitalization with Appway

Key Challenges

Our client is a Swiss public bank and member of a network of 24 cantonal banks. Listed on the Swiss stock exchange, it is an important player recognized internationally.

In order to implement its compliance procedures, this bank requested the services of our DPA (Digital Processes Automation) / Appway experts.

A client onboarding within a bank has indded to be done according to specific procedures and controls which are also checked by some financial market supervisor as FINMA.

With this in mind, our client was looking to :

Our approach

To meet our client’s needs, our teams of Appway experts had to:


All these achievements, spread over a period of 14 months have enabled to meet the initial challenges of our client, allowing them to:

Our client can therefore face the challenges related to compliance and transparency needs, effectively manage its customers’ data, cope with frequent changes in regulations, and allow all its employees involved to benefit from an adapted and tailored solution.

Profiles Involved

To realize this project, we involved our Appway experts:

Technologies & Partners

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