Data centric strategy in Life Insurance

Data centric strategy in Life Insurance

Key challenges

Our client is a French group, specialized in life insurance. IT department provides business lines with reporting associated with a certain number of needs. The main tool used to view this consolidated data is QlikView.

There are (after cleaning) a hundred reports (more or less complex), dealing with 95% of the “Passive” data: operations, flows, outstanding amounts, configuration.

Currently, an external consultant is the only one knowing from the IT department, who masters the tool, the reports and the underlying technical and functional skills.

The fact of not having well-defined naming and type rules on management data is also a barrier when it comes to reconciling and manipulating the desired data.

As a result, people in the same business line tend to use the same term for a different reality. This can lead to obvious piloting errors.

Our approach

To meet our client’s data needs, our approach revolves around simple phases aimed at consulting and involving the various stakeholders in the company:

We have opted for a logic of technical and functional workshops with the trades identified by the client as being within the scope of the master plan, that is to say with salespeople, actuaries, management control and the IT department.


Technologies & Partners

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