Deployment of a Chatbot on an Insurance Company website

Deployment of a Chatbot on an Insurance Company website

Key Challenges

Founded 40 years ago, our client is a major player in health insurance. It offers complementary insurances and is committed to sustainably low premiums. On the strength of its success, the group has acquired in recent years companies with complementary activities in order to offer a range of unique services at highly competitive prices.

Since the 2000’s, the use of innovative technologies and processes has enabled our client to limit administrative costs while offering a high-performance service.

With this in mind, the client asked us to set up a chatbot on its website in order to provide an integrated support for their customers for simple, but time consuming requests.

Our approach

After having identified the client’s major need, we proposed a tailor-made solution that included the chatbot’s personality settings in order to best meet the company’s values. The chatbot had to use the same tone as any other team member who would have answered an online chat.

After this first step, we implemented a solution giving the possibility to automaticaly manage the loss, recovery and ordering of the insurance card at any time.

This chatbot also allowed our client’s customers to get a temporary certificate in case of an unexpected trip or urgent need.


The benefits have been numerous for our client:

Based on this success, the customer is considering the implementation of this online service with a chatbot as an entry point for a new range of online services.

Technologies & Partners

Technologies used for this use case:
Azure hosting, usage of Natural Language Understanding and Processing with Microsoft LUIS and Microsoft Bot Framework