Deployment of Microsoft Teams for a leading Wordlwide services company

Deployment of Microsoft Teams for a leading Wordlwide services company

Key Challenges

Our client, a leading worldwide services company, wanted to review and optimize its Digital Workplace to facilitate the work of its employees, improve their collaboration, and encourage the sharing of information and knowledge through online communities.

Communication between employees based in different agencies in the world was not optimal and led to the emergence of “Shadow IT”. In spite of Office 365 licenses for each employee, the suite was not sufficiently exploited and the international organization was therefore looking for an optimized deployment with better defined processes.

Our approach

After studying the company’s needs and the solutions already deployed in each country, we realized an action plan and a customized deployment of the Office 365 suite with an optimized and secure deployment of Teams. The group’s HR teams were responsible for listing employees according to their skills and interests to enable them to join virtual communities or work groups. The management of onboarding and offboarding was also taken into account with processes in place to perfectly manage staff turnover.
The operational and technical teams of each country already using Teams have also identified the existing groups in order to migrate these working spaces to the new Microsoft Tenant, keeping the history of discussions and files already shared.

“Best practice guides” about the use of Teams have been deployed to enable employees to better exploit the possibilities of the Office 365 suite, and thus avoid turning to Shadow IT or project management solutions previously deployed (mainly on Confluence / Jira).


The deployment of Teams enabled the Company to achieve its objectives in terms of collaboration between its different offices and departments located throughout the World. All functions (HR, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Admin, Support and Consultants) have benefited from improved information channels and sharing, offering each employee a better toolbox at their disposal, the ability to access any information or document from anywhere, whether on computer or smartphone.

The company’s Digital Workplace has been greatly modernized with an Office 365 suite finally optimized, to the delight of employees who have gained in productivity and work comfort.

This deployment led in 2019 enabled the company to face with serenity and efficacity the events that occurred in 2020, that forced some teams to work exclusively remotely.
Fully equipped and used to work from home, employees were able to continue to work efficiently outside their offices without any necessary adaptation time.

Technologies & Partners

Technologies used for this use case: Office 365, Teams and Sharepoint