Beyond Low-code / no-code app & mobile development

Beyond Low-code / no-code app & mobile development

Key Challenges

Our client is a European plant engineering group which is part of the ATX index. It is specialized in the design and the manufacturing of industrial production equipment and systems. Facing rising low-cost competition from China, it has no other choice to innovate to differentiate and offer more value to its customers.

The client’s objective was to design a new version of an old solution for hydro power plants assessments. The current software met the efficiency criteria when it was designed, but the client wanted to raise it to a new level, exploiting the latest technologies of this generation.

Indeed, on the legacy version, making an assessment of a power plant could take weeks, even once the inspector left the facility.  Collecting pictures from a camera and annotate them in order to put it in the final report was too long and tedious.

Our approach

Our low-code / no-code experts provided our client with 2 solutions: 

Our approach was to:

The users are now able to easily take pictures they need with the smartphone and synchronize them with the main software for better annotations. No more additional cameras are required and all the extra annotations work done outside the power plant facility with the legacy software, can now be done directly on site.


Thanks to Olympe, the real-time development platform used for this project, we could: 

We thus responded to the client’s needs with an optimized development that allowed us to create a tailor-made application that is also available in a mobile version.

Technology & Partner

Technologies used for this use case: