Self-service Analytics approach adoption in a European retail group

Self-service Analytics approach adoption in a European retail group

Key challenges

Our client is a European retail group. Its IT department provides business lines with on-demand reporting to cover their analytics needs. The current tool used to visualize this consolidated data is Business Objects.

In order to improve both agility and decision-making, our client aim to optimize his reporting process by giving more ownership to the business lines. They should define their own rules and be able to create reports according to their needs.

Our client was considering to adopt a data visualization solution that would have to meet the technical prerequisites of the company and that business users should easily access via a web browser.

The management control department has been designated as the pilot functional area.

Our approach

To meet our client’s needs, our approach relies around simple phases aimed at consulting and involving the various stakeholders of the company:

  1. Phase 1 – Analysis: We organized and animated workshops to define the expectations, the constraints and an action plan. Given the input we received, we introduced and presented in detail the data visualization solution we felt was the most appropriate: Tableau Software;
  2. Phase 2 – Implementation: We developed an MVP, perfectly adapted to our client’s business and technical constraints, covering the scope of the management control department;
  3. Phase 3 – Deployment: The solution has been validated by decision-makers in order to be deployed to the key users. As a comprehensive integrator, we took care of the Tableau server’s installation on Linux and we managed the fleet of licenses (Tableau Creator, Tableau Explorer). In order to meet our client’s specific request for his users to access the solution via a web browser, we also deployed the Tableau Online Solution.


Technology & Partner

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Technology used for this use case: Tableau Software