Application development for a tailored meal delivery service

Application development for a tailored meal delivery service

Key Challenges

The nursing homes and drive-through services Les Opalines have been designed to provide the best health care to elderly people. For the sake of service quality, the establishments have recently developed a tailored support project. They have been offering a meal delivery service, fitting the residents’ needs, for several months now. Each week, customers can order local and varied food, adapted to their specific diet. Providing such service requires teamwork and centralized communication. In order to help Les Opalines improving the processes related to food delivery, the Positive Thinking Company developed a new tool: an application which simplyfies the different stages, from order to delivery.

The key challenge of this project consisted in optimizing communication between the different actors involved, for greater efficiency and consideration of end users.

Our approach

The Agile Method, combined with the UX methodology, has been the key to success for this project. Interactions, iterations, tests, and evolutions helped the team making this project a reality.

Moreover, the use of Scala has been privileged to guarantee a functional programming (immutability, composition, …).


The strategic choice to use Scala for the deployment of the application has allowed for a better error control, via the type system (ZIO). Scala has also made possible the validated dependency injection (ZIO) and the generation of SQL queries during compilation (Quill). Finally, this language using the JVM ensures good performance.

This digital meal carrying solution helped Les Opalines to perfect the service they had previously set up. Order entries, management of the quantities of meals to be prepare, label and trucking management: the functionalities of the platform are multiple and associated with an alert system as well as the option for the customer to return their meal. 

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