Improving new employees onboarding with RPA

Improving new employees onboarding with RPA

Key challenges

Our client wanted to completely review the approach and methodology of its HR recruitment policy, from the reception of applications to the onboarding of new employees.

The spread of information between the different departments concerned by these newcomers was not optimal (administration, support, HR). Our client was therefore looking for an Robotic Process Automation solution that would facilitate the steps related to the onboarding of the new employees, while optimizing internal processes.

Our approach

After auditing and performing a Value Stream Mapping (VSM), we defined a mapping of their value chain enabling us to define an action plan to describe the selected solution and the recruitment and onboarding processes. To implement it, we took over the automation and dematerialization standards with tools such as RPA and document capture.




The solution, which is largely automated, brings great added value to the recruitment and onboarding processes. Time and costs associated to these tasks have been significantly cut down as data entry has been reduced and the transmission of information between systems and departments has been optimized. This also drastically reduced data entry errors and data loss.

In addition, the identification of different tasks and their automation within the same process avoids the omissions and delays that are often experienced by new employees when they arrive. The time saved by abandoning time-consuming and low value-added tasks has allowed Human Resources team members to fully focus on the human aspect and deliver a smoother, more personal integration to newly arrived employees.