Software Development Center for YellowPepper

Software Development Center for YellowPepper
Mobile Banking YellowPepper BOT model Vietnam

Mobile Banking

+25 Monthly Transactions

Mobile Banking 25M+ Monthly Transactions

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Product Management

Serving as Latin America’s largest mobile banking platform, YellowPepper offers customized solutions to the region’s most established financial groups and institutions. The YellowPepper platform enables its 4 million+ customer base to execute over 25 million transactions per month over its secure network.

Currently within YellowPepper’s ecosystem, there are 20+ mobile banking applications deployed, along with integrations to 40+ banks, companies and financial institutions. At its inception, YellowPepper asked Positive Thinking Company APAC to create a prototype for a mobile banking system in order to secure funding for a full implementation. As part of this assignment, Positive Thinking Company APAC was asked to build a team to provide product management, system architecture, design and development services in order to build the first version of the platform. Upon completion, the platform successfully drew a wide range of investors and eventually became funded by the World Bank.

In 2014 to support a new phase of growth, Positive Thinking Company APAC was able to ramp up YellowPepper’s existing team from 20 to 60 team members ranging from Mobile developers, .NET Architects, QC, Project Managers, and Business Analysts, all within a 6 month period. Through Positive Thinking Company APAC’ flexible and systematized onboarding process, this ramp up was done efficiently and without sacrificing quality or the speed of deliveries.

“YellowPepper and Positive Thinking Company APAC have maintained a very strong partnership for almost a decade now starting from a SMS banking platform development to our latest state of the art smartphone enabled mobile banking and payment solutions.

We have over the years grown and established a Center of Excellence in Vietnam formed by a team of solution driven experts in our products and platforms.

The team is extremely integrated in all the work that YellowPepper does. We have a group that takes ownership of their work and pushes for efficiency and global team-work. We maintain three sub teams within the group which practice the agile framework across the company. While the time difference is always a challenge from the US, we make it work thanks to the VN team’s responsiveness and through trust and true-partnership. We have multidisciplinary (Java and .net) experts that understand the product in every detail. This makes them invaluable to YellowPepper.

Without Positive Thinking Company APAC and the team in Vietnam, we would not have the products or platforms that are driving our growth within Latin America.”

Serge Elkiner co-CEO YellowPepper BOT model Software Product Engineering Vietnam
Serge Elkiner co-CEO YellowPepper BOT model Software Product Engineering Vietnam

Serge Elkiner

Co-founder & co-CEO at YellowPepper