Sustainable and ecological gifts in line with a CSR approach!

Sustainable and ecological gifts in line with a CSR approach!

In 2020, the Positive Thinking Company Switzerland wanted to tackle challenges regarding environment, CSR and sustainable development. For the end of the year 2020, we choose consciously unique gifts that are part of our environment strategy and local approach to our employees and clients.

The Positive Thinking Company beehives in Geneva!

Throughout 2021, the Positive Thinking Company Switzerland will sponsor several beehives in its name at Bees4you, at the Berges de Vessy in Geneva, maintained by an experienced beekeeper.

Bees are responsible for the reproduction of more than 80% of plant species. And since 2011, every year, the loss of bees is considerable: a 25% decline of bees was observed.

In September 2021, we will offer our customers and employees a personalized honey pot from the Swiss Positive Thinking Company hives thanks to the production of the bees.

We are pleased to be able to carry out this local initiative which allows us to preserve biodiversity and to participate in a major issue within our territory!

Tree planting by our employees!

In parallel to the first initiative, we offered four trees at Reforest’ACTION. All coworkers were able to choose the project close to their heart and aligned with their convictions. The objective of this family business is to strengthen ecosystem services over the long term while contributing to the strengthening of biodiversity and the socio-economic development of local populations. Each project is unique and has its own story!

It is with great enthusiasm and pride that we will have planted a total of 584 trees around the world!

We would like to thank all the employees of Positive Thinking Company Switzerland without whom all these projects would never have taken place. Collaboration betters our world!

Stay tuned for our upcoming initiatives!

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