LEC Virtual: Discover the replays of our virtual conferences

LEC Virtual: Discover the replays of our virtual conferences

We are pleased to have participated in the virtual edition of the LEC (L’Événement Connecté) from June 15 to 17, 2021! This year, the LEC (L’Événement Connecté) show has adapted and offers a hybrid version: a digital show that took place in June and a physical show that will take place next September.
We had the honor to host 3 conferences by our experts on 3 distinct themes (Digital Workplace, Innovation, Cybersecurity).

We suggest you watch a replay (in French) of these webinars!

Digital Workplace

« Enrich and automate your Digital Workplace with the Microsoft 365 Power Platform » by Nicolas Buttin & Nicolas Meistretty.

Through this conference, we wanted to present the capabilities of Microsoft 365 in terms of process automation thanks to the Workflows, Low Code, RPA and Reporting bricks. We illustrated our presentation with a use case in the HR domain with the integration process of a new employee. We discussed Business Flows and continued with examples of PowerApps that allow new employees to familiarize themselves with their new work environment. To conclude this conference, we explained how it is possible to automate the organization of meetings in Teams to accompany the new employee in his functions.

Replay link: https://www.lec-expo.com/fr/conferences/details/4d9c09dd2e61f0df


« Innovation x UX: from a vague idea to a prototype tested in 2 weeks (a feedback) » by Gilles Baudet.

Based on feedback collected during the last months of epidemics and remote work, we presented the methodologies we have implemented and practiced to help our clients better reinvent themselves. The scope we covered covered innovation, prioritization and selection of ideas and use cases, customer and employee experience as well as prototyping and user research.

Replay link: https://www.lec-expo.com/fr/conferences/details/d56d83f0e2efb561


« Cybersecurity of a sensitive domain: How to make security principles a pillar of your success » by Aurélien Astier & Jessica Gomez.

Through this webinar, we’ve offered to review some effective and easy-to-implement cybersecurity best practices, regardless of your company’s industry. Our approach focuses on pragmatic solutions that activate the right people, technologies and processes to help you address cyber risks. As a bonus, your organization’s reputation will be enhanced even beyond its usual circles!
To illustrate this, we took the real-life case of a medical company. Although affected by the health crisis, the application of these simple and replicable concepts allowed the organization to demonstrate resilience and continue to operate safely.

Replay link: https://www.lec-expo.com/fr/conferences/details/d85faff76f32b6ec

We would like to thank our facilitators and all the participants in this online event. We hope you enjoyed these conferences and we look forward to seeing you soon for new webinars!