We are pleased to participate in the Virtual LEC

We are pleased to participate in the Virtual LEC

This year, the LEC (L’Événement Connecté) show reinvents itself and offers a virtual edition in June and a face-to-face edition next September.

Pour cette version hybride, le LEC organise le salon digital du 15 au 17 juin 2021. Nous aurons le plaisir de participer à cette édition grâce à 3 conférences animées par nos experts sur 3 thématiques bien distinctes (Digital Workplace, Innovation, Cybersécurité).

For this hybrid version, the LEC is organizing the digital exhibition from June 15 to 17, 2021. We will have the pleasure to participate to this edition thanks to 3 conferences animated by our experts on 3 distinct themes (Digital Workplace, Innovation, Cybersecurity).

Digital Workplace

At the time of the pandemic, organizations had to transform themselves to adapt to the new constraints, in particular to the forced use of telework. The implementation of a “Digital Workplace” has therefore become a major issue today for the continuation of our daily activities: meetings, document sharing, project monitoring, processing of usual processes (“Procure to pay”, “Order to cash”, “Onboarding”, “Expenses”, “Document approvals”, …). Beyond the urgent need to respond to the problems posed by the pandemic, a modern and integrated “Digital Workplace” will facilitate information sharing and increase your productivity in the long term.

Microsoft has established itself in recent months as the leader in the Digital Workplace market. The number of daily users of Microsoft 365 has exploded. Who hasn’t participated in a Microsoft Teams meeting today? If you don’t have it internally, it is very likely that one of your suppliers or customers uses it daily.

Through this conference, we would like to present you, in particular, the capabilities of Microsoft 365 in terms of process automation through the Workflows, Low Code, RPA and Reporting bricks. These are grouped together in the Power Platform and associated with the communication tools of Microsoft 365. We will illustrate our presentation with a use case in the HR domain with the integration process of a new employee. We will talk about Business Flows and continue with examples of PowerApps that allow new employees to familiarize themselves with their new work environment. To conclude this talk, we will explain how it is possible to automate the organization of meetings in Teams to support the new employee in his or her duties.


To innovate by limiting risk-taking and by quickly coming up with testable solutions.
Based on feedback collected during the last months of epidemics and remote work, we will present the methodologies we have implemented and practiced to help our clients better reinvent themselves. The scope we will cover includes innovation, prioritization and selection of ideas and use cases, customer and employee experience as well as prototyping and user research.


Cybersecurity allows organizations to develop properly. However, it is often perceived as a constraint that must be overcome with large budgets and armies of experts.

In order to demystify this, we propose to review some effective and easy-to-implement best practices, regardless of your business sector. Our approach focuses on pragmatic solutions that activate the right people, technology and processes to help you deal with cyber risks. As a bonus: your organization’s reputation will be enhanced even beyond its usual circles!

To illustrate this, let’s take the real-life case of a medical company. Although affected by the health crisis, the application of these simple and replicable concepts allowed the organization to demonstrate resilience and continue to operate safely.

We hope to see you connected and to see you on September 20th and 21st for the face-to-face edition!