We are glad to present our partner association with WAPA!

We are glad to present our partner association with WAPA!

Since 2018, we support WAPA International (War-Affected People’s Association). This Belgian Non-Governmental Organization works against the use of child soldiers in conflict and post-conflict countries through numerous partnerships and awareness campaigns. Our company is aware of environmental, social and ethical issues, which is why we have been committed to a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach for several years.

We are helping this association in their project of building a kindergarten in Uganda by providing them with material for the classrooms such as blackboards, chairs and school supplies and by having installed solar panels on the school!

Based on the success of this project, we are now working with the NGO in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to counter the recruitment of child soldiers in armed conflicts by focusing our support on reintegrating children into stronger communities and giving them access to schooling.

Thank you to Vanessa Lehmann, Project Manager Consultant at SteepConsult, who is the ambassador of this project and who allows us to lead this adventure!

As part of our solidarity pillar, all of our associative partnerships are initiated and led by our employees.

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