Get a free one-month trial of Dynatrace!

Get a free one-month trial of Dynatrace!

In a highly competitive environment where providing an optimal user experience is becoming paramount, enterprise software as well as web, mobile or IoT applications must run perfectly 24/7.

Our partner Dynatrace and its AI-based all-in-one software platform uniquely addresses these needs and provides comprehensive monitoring of application performance, infrastructure and digital experience management.

Today, we are very happy to offer you a free month trial on their platform. Just click on the following link 👇

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About Dynatrace:

Dynatrace is a software intelligence company providing application performance management (APM), artificial intelligence for operations (AIOps), cloud infrastructure monitoring, and digital experience management (DEM), with products for the information technology departments and digital business owners of todays modern enterprises.
Services include performance management software for programs running on-premises and in the cloud. This software manages the availability and performance of software applications and the impact on user experience in the form of deep transaction tracing, synthetic monitoring, real user monitoring, and network monitoring.